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  • UN Climate Action Summit and the OECD

    © Marcelo Del Pozo/Reuters

    Climate change is disrupting our lives, our economies and our ecosystems. Our carbon entanglement has placed us on a collision course with nature. It’s time to act. The OECD backs urgent climate action as the foundation of our well-being, and is helping countries prepare a brighter future.

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  • Future of Work

    It’s back-to-school time. Are you ready to learn too? The OECD’s I am the Future of Work campaign is looking at how we need to adapt the way we learn throughout our lives to thrive in a rapidly changing world of work. The Future of Work is now! We are all shaping the future of work and need a voice in the debate. Join the conversation.

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  • Inequality puts our world at risk

    In many OECD countries, inequalities are at their highest levels in 30 years and are widening. What are the effects, and the policy responses? See our story on inclusive growth.

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